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The Brave New Market

This is the strongest market we have experienced around here since 1990.  I remember that since my beautiful wife and I were newlyweds and looking to buy our first home. That summer of 1990 we had to look at houses like this: We met back in the living room and said, “do you want to write an offer?”  Things were moving that fast.  Remember, there was no internet yet, so there was no “offer review date.”

So, yeah, things that are priced right and look great really move.

Which brings me to the point of this post: What difference does your real estate broker actually make?  Before I answer that, ask yourself this question: How many thousands of dollars do you want to risk?

The new brokerage in our area advertises aggressively about the low commissions they charge with billboards about “1% Listing Fee!!!”  Woo Hoo!  Of course there’s no mention of the commission that you’ll pay to the cooperation broker.  I charge a total of 6% to 7% and offer half that to the cooperating broker. If you feel that’s outrageous, then let’s talk, I am negotiable, I’m a small business guy at the end of the day and I don’t need Windermere’s approval, or any managers approval like at a car lot.  You are dealing directly with the owner.

Recently I have handled multiple offers with most of my listings, and the seller’s have benefited tremendously.  Buyers that I have represented have been able to win with their offers as well.

So why pay the extra money in commission, whatever it might be?  Because it’s highly likely you will end up making thousands more!  Which do you want, the lowest dollar amount that says “commission” on the closing statement?  Or, the biggest check with your name on it?  It’s up to you. Hopefully it’s the latter.

Here’s another byproduct of this market.  Everyone’s getting a real estate license again.  I know, I know, your cousins sister’s ex-father-in-law just got his license and well, you know, you want to work with family.  I get it, blood is thicker than water, and well, you know, he’s a really great guy and all that.  Again, how many thousands of dollars is it worth for you  to use a broker with no experience?  I love working with them on the other side, I’ll say that!

After 25 years of helping buyers and sellers negotiate a great deal, you can be assured and confident you are not leaving money on the table.



Posted on May 2, 2018 at 3:54 pm
Greg Pubols | Category: Uncategorized

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