More About Me

Through his highly professional, informed and diligent approach, Greg Pubols provides outstanding expertise and professional representation to his valued clients. In helping his clients in the Greater South Puget Sound real estate market to secure a strategic investment, Greg takes every measure to assure that all of his client’s goals are achieved. He is very astute and through his clear understanding of the current regional trends, he is able to consistently provide crucial, in-depth local market knowledge and delivering a wealth of real estate expertise to his clients. Greg’s attention to detail, consistent follow through and determination to indulge his clients with first class service sets him apart.

As a specialist, in Investment Properties that involve Estates, Trusts, Guardianships and/or additional special requirements; Greg makes a commitment to his clients that ensures that they receive the expertise that meets their personal objectives. Through his diligence, experience and comprehensive knowledge in the acquisition and sales of Investment Properties, Greg delivers impressive results. He covers every angle in researching and providing his clients with the critical information needed to make thoughtful and balanced decisions about their real estate investment. When consulting with Greg, you will always receive current real estate market knowledge and property evaluations from a professional.

Greg is extremely attentive and responsive to each client's specific requirements and is very thorough in providing constant attention and communication regarding the important details of the transaction. His answers to timely questions, guidance and expertise in addressing all aspects of the transaction with professional competence, makes him invaluable to his clients. He is always accessible and responds promptly to his clients by means of a timely phone call, text or email. Greg is highly skillful in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction and delivering unparalleled results. When met with a tough challenge, he is very creative, strategic and masterful in working through the issues. Regardless of the time and effort it takes, Greg readily delivers results that are beyond his clients’ expectations and works with diligence and dedication to provide them with the expertise that meets their personal objectives.